How do I put all sprite in one layout

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  • and then use these sprite from this layout for every others layout? I want to organise my project so I want to put all my animation/sprite/texte, etc... in one layout and than place them in others with event.

    So I tried it. I used a layout where I put a sprite. then I used event sheet to put a sprite from this layout to another layout, for exemple layout 2.

    All the layout are associate with the same ONE event sheets so I don't understand. why doesnt work?

    ps: I'm using animation from Spriter software

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  • I've used "global" to yes, or tried with regular sprite of construct and still doesnt work

  • Hey frayt!

    If you want to create an Assets layer to store all sprites and them load them from there, to use in other layouts, you don't need that layout to have an event sheet, nor you need any special code. Just put all assets in one layout and you're done.

    When you need to create an instance of anything that's there, just create it normally.

    See this capx: ... .capx?dl=0

    I created a layout with 3 objects: a sprite, a particle and a text. Then, from another layout, I just randomly create one of the 3 every 0.2 seconds.

    Hope this helps. Cheers.

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