How do I put a sound and how the sound works?

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  • Ok, guys, I don't know if it is a bug or just me as a noob, but I have a bizarre behavior with my sound effects, so I decided to bring to 'how do' list assuming that is my mistake.

    1) put the sound effects like the normal way in event sheet:

    Player colides with Object: [sound name] > play > audio file + not looping + volume 0 + ""

    2) testing preview with two Browsers: Firefox and Edge

    No sound.

    2.2) after preview C2 game test, the Browsers STILL with no sound in another applications that have no relation with C2 (like Youtube, for example)

    3) Export game to NW.js: the sound is ok, everything works fine.

    4) Cleaning cache and history browisng solves the 'no sound' issue with Browsers.

    Question: is that some C2 setting that I did not understand or this is some bizarre bug with sound system?

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  • ok, I tested the Windows Default Troubleshooting and it's pointing some Cache Issue.

    don't know if it have relation with some C2 config or if it is a bug.

  • Posting your .capx would be the quickest way of bug testing.

  • tks zenox.

    i will do this

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