How do I put a simple shadow under my text?

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  • I've just read the "Frequently asked question" and I didn't find help about it

    Is it possible with the basic text tool of C2 to put a shadow under a text?

    I don't see the option is it normal?

    I've found the behavior "Shadow Caster" but it looks "heavy" for just a simple shadow ^^

    I could also make my text's shadow with another software but again, it doesn't look like the good way to do it, isn't it?

    Any advice please ?

    I know you always give good advice

  • make another instance of the text but set its color to black or dark alpha and set it underneath in z order. Also position it to the other font's x+3 and y x+3.

  • I understand but I failed so hard...

    I have 150 texts in my game, I cloned them all Then I used a command "creat text" => "set text to position" ... So if I do you trick I'll have to do it 150x ...

    Even if it works! xD

    I could use "Text On Created" => creat the second text + put at bottom... but it's annoying! ^^

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  • you could do it with a loop.. sorry.. syntax may be slightly wrong

    for all text_objects

    create shadow_object (text_object.x +2, text_object.y+10))

    set shadow_object.text to text_objects.txt

    that way all the text objects of the same type will have a shadown... if you've used 150 different text objects... ooops...

  • I think I'm screwed xD

    In my object folder I have:






    I expected a command or something to simply put a shadow, added an instance object seems weird in the process.

    I could do it 150x it would take one hour at most :p

    I have difficulty with text in C2, I thought I could select them all and change typopgraphy at the end but it doesn't work like that, too much Indesign maybe ^^

    I also don't understand why there is no simple toolbox for shadows, what is the reason? Or maybe there is one in an add-on or something I really don't know! ^^

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