How do I put ladders/climbing into a point and click game?

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  • I'm designing a point and click adventure/puzzle game and I would like to allow the player to do two things:

    1) There is no jumping in my game, so the ability to climb over or on top of certain objects (boxes and other obstacles)

    2) Climb up and down ladders

    I have read a few tutorials on how to implement climbing ladders when making a platformer game and have gotten it to work, but in my case it doesn't help me too much. Instead of holding a button on the keyboard to go up or down as you would in a platformer, I simply want to be able to click on the ladder or climbable object and the player will then go over to it and climb on it. Anyone have any suggestions on how to do this or have an example .capx I could take a look at?

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