How do I put my Game in Wordpress

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  • Hello,

    I want to include my Game in my Wordpress Blog.. Now the Question, how can I put my Game in my Wordpress Blog?

    Any Ideas?

  • just like on any other webpage, by including the html code generated by c2 and uploading all the files to your hosting.

    It is better to do that on a page rather than a post - manual editing of template for page might be needed.

  • Open either a new page or a post and insert the following code:

    <div style="text-align: center;">
    <iframe style="float: inherit;" src="" width="420" height="630"></iframe>
    The web address in the iframe needs to point to where your game files are located. If you do a normal HTML5 export with C2, you can control the width and the height with the iframe dimensions. 
    The aligment for the iframe is inhetited from the parent <div>, which will center the iframe in this case.
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  • aquinn

    So I just have to upload my game datas in a random location on my FTP?

  • PlasmaGames2013 Not random, use FTP to create a folder and transfer your files into there.

    I use FireFTP which is a browser extension to Firefox, easy to use and free.

    [Edit] Actually there are probably lots of FTP/File and folder manager plugins for Wordpress, but I've not used any.

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