How to Put Banner Ads on Mobile Apps

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  • Hello,

    Can someone please point me to the right direction, share some links perhaps? I made a mobile apps and now I want to put a banner ads on it. The banner ads button, when clicked, will open up a mobile browser to my store or product links. Is this possible? Thanks.



  • If you want to add ads to make money you will have to be premium with cocoonjs. Sign up with mopub and use admob via mopub. They will give you a unique code you will have to insert when you will upload your app to cocoonjs site for final compiling. But before this you will have to program the apparition of ads in your give through cocoonjs plugin.

    For a link to a website try iframe (in custom plugins forum section)

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  • Check the tutorials and also search the forums a bit, there are plenty of posts that cover the various mobile ad options. Also note that many of them depend heavily on which platform you publish to as well as which exporter/wrapper you choose to use.

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