How Do I Put A Backround In My Game?

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  • Subject Says It All.........

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  • Typically a 'Tiled Background', or a big Sprite, or a combination. It's up to you.

  • Have you done even the beginner tutorials? This type of stuff is covered an MANY places. Due diligence...

  • The Thing Is Ive Tried Do Do The Tutorials For This Stuff And It Does Not Work

  • The Thing Is Ive Tried Do Do The Tutorials For This Stuff And It Does Not Work

    It does - you just can't do it properly.

    What i'd do if i were you would be the following:

    1.) divide your background into multiple, tileable smaller images

    2.) have all of these images as a frame for a sprite object, but with no animation

    3.) have the sprite object move in the direction you want the background to scroll

    4.) once a certain Y value is reached, create another of the sprites, just increment the frames ("trigger once while true" might be a good condition for this)

    5.) once the sprite is off screen, delete it

    There's obviously more to this, such as setting multiple states, e.g. having the scrolling effect toggleable, but if you failed at doing the basic tutorials, i take it that this would be unnecessary for you entirely...

    If you'd like an example, a small game i made uses this sort of functionality - link.

    I made a clone of that game before it was cool... erm, repeated once too many times.

  • That is odd, they have worked for years.

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