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  • I have a block object in game set to platform movement to emulate being pushed around. However when I try to run the program with more than one block object, it pushes both at the same time.

    There's something I'm doing wrong, and it's something that hasn't been brought to my personal attention on these matters. I run into this "everything does it instead of just one" problem all the time. How do I fix this particular problem and prevent it in the future?

    Below is a link to the capx file for it. I encourage everyone to take what they want from it. I intend on making a full fledged platform game so as I have trouble you guys may well see more and more of this engine.

    Again, my problem is I can't get him to push the blocks individually, it has to be the first one placed and it moves both blocks.

    Download here

  • Sorry to bump, but I really can't figure this out. Any takers?

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  • Hi, I just started with C2 and am not familiar with most of its functionality or subtler nuances, thus I could be off the mark so don't quote me on this:

    I think you'll find your answer to what causes this in the manual, specifically the "How Events Work" section.

  • Yes! Thank you!!! I forgot to put it in both event sheets so it constantly picked all of them the whole time. Wewt!

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