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  • Hey guys,

    I want to make a rolling stone you can push about just like Yoshi's story. You can see in

    at the 8 minute and 9:24 marks.

    Now I know this should be simple, but I just can't get it going smoothly. I have a few requirements:

    • Harder to push uphill, the steeper the slower
    • Rolls downhill, the steeper the faster
    • Can land on stone and then control it by left/right arrows (character does the old running on a ball trick)
    • If moving, it will push back against the player, gradually slowing (depending on speed)
    • If moving above a certain speed, will do damage and cannot be pushed

    1. How to make it react correctly with the player pushing it? I have tried it so if player is overlapping at offset 10, apply force. Which works okay, but sometimes it moves really jerky, sometimes too fast, and is all-round unreliable and bad looking.

    2. I want it to drop very fast when not overlapping the ground, but increasing the gravity also changes the speed at which it roles down slopes, which I don't want. Also it seems you can only change the gravity for all physics and not just 1 object, so having multiple objects with physics on screen doesn't work with changing gravity anyway.

    3. To make the player get pushed back, I also added physics to them. However, this means they now also slide down slopes which is not wanted.

    4. The character is never smoothly touching the rock while the rock is moving, as it keeps getting knocked about.

    Actually there really are many little points of fine-tuning I need to make this work, so if anyone could start me off/lend some examples it would really help! I'm not even sure if I should be using physics at all or just try to event more with platforms or what.

  • First question:

    Is everything in your game physics?

    If yes, using physics on the boulder will work, if no, you should try to fake the physics part with events, because physics doesn't mix well with other behaviours.

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  • LittleStain - yeah I'll take you up on that advice. So far it's just the stone.

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