How the F do I push a value on Y axis for arrays?

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  • ....

    Without expanding a new damn Y every X????

    Ive got two values each update per an object

    var 1 var 2

    Using push to pass the array


    Array Per Width Val:

    cell 0: var1, var2

    cell 1: var1, var2

    cell 2: etcetcetcetc

    cell 3:....

    cell 4:........


    cell 0: var1, var2


    cell 0: var1, var2, var2

    cell 1: var1, var2, var2

    etc etc etc

    So it keeps adding a Y, I know how to read arrays from using this on something else (works fine) but not with PUSH, push is probably doing what it is supposed to.. however I want it to push on x and Y you CANT PASS A VALUE JUST TO X WITH A Y VALUE OVER IT. So how can I do that??

  • array You want to push back cell0 on x axis

    array set value at (array.width-1,1) to var1

    array set value at (array.width-1,2) to var 2


    Array width is 0 and height is number vars you adding.

    In this case 1 (0,1)

    So it stores it

    0 | cell0,var1,var2

    1 | cell1,var1,var2


    To retrieve you need the x

    to get 0 data = cell0,1) = var1,2) = var2


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  • Oh duh! thats what I did with the other thing i was doing. thanks.

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