Can I make a purely text based multiplayer game?

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  • In theory? I would really really really love to make a game like Ghost No platforming, no graphics, no user input besides words and output being words, the tricky part is in order for the game of ghost to work, all users but one will have to be given the "secret" word, only visible to them.

    Is this possible, and would I have better luck just coding this game on javascript? The reason IM hesitant to do that is I have no idea how to make a multiplayer game work and SCIRRA looks like it offers multiplayer functionality built in with relatively much little effort. I dont believe I could make a text based multiplayer game or a multi user ANYTHING from scratch.

    ADVICE? Is creating a mutliplayer like ghost feasible with SCIRRA? I know for somoene like me with little programming knowledge, creating any multiplayer game would be impossible, but others have made multi user games on websites with SCIRRA, so why not a multi user text based one?

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  • The url removed was a link to the rule of ghost. Google 'wiki ghost game'

  • Would it be possible to have a script or a bot private message users?

  • All definitely possible.

    But, I will carefully say to not underestimate the skills needed to create any game with any tool or code.

    It generally requires experience and or lots of trial and error work.

    As for coding, I could easily make a similar game like ghost with a bit of html and php.

  • I cant private message (Yet) can you offer me a method of contact?

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