How do I Pull and Object to another location.

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  • Hi, I really thank you last time for helping me with the weapon fire rate sistem.

    But now i have an issue for a new game im making.

    I want to create a new game, but this is just the "Skeleton" of that game (kind of prototype), im making a few tests but i never solve that.

    This is the result i spect to get:

    The mechanics are: im suposed to place a snack at the screen.


    Now, the secuence, should be following the closest snack at screen or the cat would be look like a crazy mess.

    And end up being like this:

    I apreciate any kind help to the project im creating. Thank you

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  • So what part of this are you not sure about how to create?

  • So what part of this are you not sure about how to create?

    Almost everything that i presented.

    I already got the hud, The score sistem, the upgrade and level sistem, menus, options and some other minor details etc.

    But the main mechanic of the game i just tryed and tryed and never worked out.


  • AlienBrain try this tutorial

  • AlienBrain try this tutorial

    Hi brother, the problem is that.... I dont really want him to move a certain pattern.

    I want that the cat "Stretch" to the cookie you place at the screen..

    For example, when i place a cookie at the screen, the cat will automatically create a pattern to reach that cookie.

    but he wont move to there, he will "Stretch".

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