How to pull a crate / box ?

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  • Hi all,

    I'm basically trying to pull a crate in the platformer protoype I'm making.

    I managed to push the crate from left and right using the platformer behaviour, but can't manage to get the crate follow the character when pulling. Actually I did manage to pull it but then the crate at some point overlapped with the player, which got stuck inside. That's why I should probably not use the platformer behaviour, but I'm not sure how to actually do it differently.

    To detect when the avatar should be pulling / pushing the crate, I have put a rectangle that is perpendicular to the avatar. When it overlaps with the crate, and the player presses B on the gamepad, it will pull or push the crate depending on the direction of the stick.

    Any help would be gretaly appreciated!


  • you can use the PIN behavior (only position) .... for example when (your trigger)... pin crate to player..... when (your end trigger) crate>>unpin

  • This need more work but, shows one option. Other thing would be that when pushing or pulling you would control the crate and move player relative to it.

    Of course a lot of it depends from your control setup.

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  • Thanks a lot both of you!

    I used Katala example to move the crate, that works like a charm. Greatly appreciated the time you put in creating that file!

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