How do I pull a car with rope physics?

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  • So, in my game, I have an car, a rope and a horse. I attached the horse to the car using "pin (rope style)". The player then control the horse, trying to pull the car.

    Unfortunately, that doesn't work. I can move the horse and the rope does limits its movement distance, but the car doesn't move.

    How can I make the horse pull the car?

  • I found the solution myself. For those interested, the answer is to actually pay attention to what you pin to what when you use the "Pin" action.

    If you pin the horse to the car, the horse will follow the car (which is not what I wanted). The solution is the opposite: pin the car to the horse! Then we can put physics on the horse to make it pull the car.

    Yay! Problem solved!

  • If you are using physics, wouldn't it be better to use joints instead of pin behaviour to prevent unwanted complications?

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  • Hmmmm... I don't know?

    I don't know what "joints" are.

    The effect I was looking for is kinda like a rope. I mean, the horse is not directly attached to the car. There's some sort of "loose".

    I was using "Pin (rope style)" to achieve this. Is there a "joints (rope style)" to create a similar effect?

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