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  • Is it possible to publish my content for iPhone as apps but to store them

    on my own private server for distribution.

    Let me explain,

    I make eLearning content for a company and we have a lot of sales person that would like to

    take the courses on the go while traveling. they would watch them on their iphone, android phone, tablets etc...

    Everything should be in a single package, with no hassle for them to install

    as courses contain a lot of videos.

    But mainly, these are not made to be public stuff, and the "apps" would be residing on our intranet so they can pick

    the package they like on go on with them.

    I am on the impression that if I create other things than html5 content for the web with C2 that

    I will have to upload them to google store, iTune...etc... and this is a no go.

    Can someone enlighten me?

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