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  • hey folks...ive spent a good deal of time scouring the forums...there seems to be several ways to publish native IOS apps....cocoonjs, Ejecta...and a few more...

    is there anyone regularly publishing apps on the app store with construct games? It seems rather complicated...what's the simplest way to do this? Im using construct 2 because I don't have an extensive programming background in the first place but some of these posts seem like you have to get into the code to make something work in IOS...



  • to start you

    Need a Mac

    Need an Ios Device

    Publish with Cacoonjs (make sure all the images (even optional) are inputted.

    Create AppId

    Create provisioning profile for testing

    Test on device

    Create Publishing provisioning profile

    Built to archive (i think it is)

    Submit from archive

    (you also have to do all your apple stuff, tax forms etc)

    I've gone through all the steps, I found everything I needed in the tutorials and forums. It takes a lot of time and effort but no coding required.

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  • JWstudios

    Something that I seem to be hung up on is testing through the cocoonjs launcher.....I haven't set up the apple dev account yet, but it doesn't look like you need to in order to test on the device throught the launcher.....I just get a black screen if I send a link to the html file and if I try to send a link to the zip file it cant open it...

    any ideas?


  • Try this:

    1. Export the game as CocoonJS (.zip)

    2. Upload the .zip file in your Dropbox Public folder

    3. In the CocoonJS Launcher enter the public link of the .zip file and press "Launch current"

    4. The game should start

    You can touch the FPS button to reach the debug log in CocoonJS.

    Also, don't forget that Apple Developer Account costs 100$/year.

  • TGeorgeMihai

    thanks..i ve tried exactly what you suggested...I get an error on opening the zip file every time. ive tried it with extremely simple test layouts too....not sure why its not working....



  • for example, here is the drop box location for an one sprite no events layout that was exported to a cocoonjs zip file....

    yet I cant get it to open with the cocoonjs launcher to test it...

    is there something I am doing wrong??


  • I am 99,9% sure that your file is not in your PUBLIC FOLDER.

    Here, test this link (your file uploaded in my Public folder)

    I get 47 fps on my LG Optimus 2X.

  • yea thanks that was it....I had it in a shared link though...wonder why it didn't work with a shared link which, as I understand it, drop box is now using as the default way to share files instead of a public folder......

  • TGeorgeMihai

    I am also new to this and have been using the Intel XDK to test - any reason why you use Cocoon over Intel

  • no reason other than that seems to be recommended the is the Intel XDK?

  • CocoonJS should offer better performance ...

    Better test both and see which one you like more.

  • danno55

    I like the interface, and the ability to test as an app on the actual device (not through a browser) is fab - but I have yet to get as far as getting an app to work yet.

    I think I am gonna give Cocoon a try - seems most people veer that way

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