Publishing a game on iOS (iPhoneX) without black canvas

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  • Hi everyone!

    I'm looking for someone who successfully published a game on the App Store without any issue, especially on iPhoneX.

    I've been working on my Construct2 game Un Pas Fragile for several months, and now is the time to publish it on all stores (App Store, Play Store, Steam and The thing is, I have big issues with iOS.

    I can't find any method to build the game for iPhoneX without having a black canvas surrounding the game. Here is a (bad) screen to show my problem. It is of course really important as I work with a publisher and we can't even try to be on Apple Store front with this issue.

    Actually I have tried several solutions :

    1- Building with Construct 2 -> Cordova export for iOS only -> Phonegap Build to create an .ipa.

    2- Building with Construct 3 -> Xcode project -> giving it to my publisher so they can make an .ipa out of it (I don't have a mac at home).

    None of those solutions worked but maybe I'm missing something.

    If someone could help in anyway that would be really appreciated.

    Thanks and have a great day!

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  • It looks like you're using a letterbox scaling mode, in which case it's working correctly. You may need to change the fullscreen mode or aspect ratio to cover the whole screen. Note you also need to set the viewport fit to "cover" and build with Cordova 9 for it to work correctly. (The C3 build service just recently updated to Cordova 9.)

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