Publishing on Facebook: Sandbox Mode Problem

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  • Hello. I have uploaded my Construct 2 game on my website and is now working. I want to publish it on Facebook. But I can only get it to work if I have "Sandbox Mode: Enabled" which is only for testing and not accessible to public. Everytime I disable Sandbox Mode I get the following error:


    Secure Canvas URL is required when Sandbox Mode is disabled.

    Secure Page Tab URL is required when Sandbox Mode is disabled.

    Any idea what are these and where can i get this info so I can input it on my Facebook settings?

    Thank you.

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  • You don't have a secure website(ssl certificate) I have the same problem on the game I'm making( Facebook defaults to requiring secure connections for its users. Users can turn off their secure browsing in settings to view your app or you can just give them the direct link to your app like I did above.

    You can of course buy an ssl certificate for your website. Once I'm ready to go live and market my game I'll be doing just that.

  • Thanks for the info lanceal. I checked the cpanel of our webhosting and there is a section there about ssl. there is a page there where you can generate some keys and everything. I have not fully explored it, but as soon as i get proper authirization, i will explore and mess with it. i think that will solve the problem.

    Also, i made the initial link to facebook using the tutorial i found on this site. I can preview the game. however, some of the keyboard controls in my game doesn't seem to work.

    again thanks.

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