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  • Hi everyone!

    I know Ouya is a long dead platform, but I just started playing with it out of curiosity and I'm having some trouble exporting for it. So, if anyone here has ever managed to do it, I'd love to get some pointers.

    Right now I'm using the Virtual Controller example, by the Ouya team, as a hello world. After much trouble I managed to run it on the console but I'm having a problem: the controller buttons are not recognized. When I try the thumbstick or the d-pad the screen kinda moves, which was not supposed to happen, like if I was browsing it as a page. Also, buttons retain their basic interface functions, so, if I press the A button, it leaves the application. Also, the plugin initialization routine doesn't return anything, nor success neither failure.

    I'm exporting the app as a HTML5 page and packaging it using Cordova CLI. Here are the steps I'm taking:

    • Create a folder using cordova create;
    • Adding android using cordova platform add;
    • Adding the SDK using cordova plugin add;
    • Running the app using cordova run.

    If anyone can point out any courses of action or let me know what I'm doing wrong, it would be amazing.

    Sorry for the long post and thank you in advance.


  • Always used CocoonJS for publishing to Ouya, works perfectly.

    It used to be a lot easier to use though, they've recently changed the UI and it's a right mess!

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  • Yeha. I've seem some old posts talking about CocoonJs, but since they suggest Cordova CLI at Ouya's dev page, I thought it would be wiser to follow their suggestion. :/

  • Aye they do, unfortunatly it doesn't seem to work very well with C2 project.

    Much like you, I ran into the same issues of buttons not working using Cordova.

    Real shame about the Ouya though, looked like such a promising platform and the controllers are lovely (apart from exploding into batteries and plastic if you knock them off the chair lol!)

  • I'll look for a CocoonJS tuitorial, then... If you have any you used and worked, please, let me know.

    Is it ok in terms of performance?

  • I haven't cooked a build for Ouya in a while but this guide was very helpful last time I did: ... -the-ouya/

    Unfortunately, the UI for Cocoon has somewhat changed but the options should still be the same.

    Performance was fine when using small sprites, it lagged a lot when using larger ones or lots of sprites with transparency.

    The ouya doesn't handle lots of checks every tick very well either, but works perfectly fine when you do checks on a 0.1 second timer (eg, movement or lots of bullets).

  • Thank you very much for the pointers. I'll give it a try!

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