How do I publish to iOS??

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  • I have paid for the Developer thing for iOS, and have access to Xcode and a fully updated Mac.

    But I can't find any recent info on how to publish on C2 for iOS, I find only outdated stuff. I did see a thread somewhere where somebody offered to help with publishing to iOS, but I can't find it, and I'm working 8 morning to 11 pm at night on freelancing work in order to meet various deadlines of several rush jobs. I'm hoping somebody could lend me a hand since I already used up a few hours of my free time reading the wrong stuff.

  • Only a few hours.....I've been at it all day! LOL

    DId you ever get this done? I just got my app uploaded to the ios app store and can help you if you still need help.

  • I managed to, using canvas + and getting rid of the black screen after numerous trials and errors.

    It's now on the appstore since the 20th, lol: ... 84872?mt=8

    What method did you use? I could never get webview and webview + to work on, and Phonegap had similar crashes. According to scirra, it was googles problem. I don't get why Canvas+ miraculously works with the game, not only that, but there is no slow down or stutter. If I play the game as a straight up html5 from my website, it lags on the phone a bit, at least on my old phone. It just crashes on my new phone, in a similar fashion to webview, wv+, and Phonegap.

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  • The problem I had was getting the compile working when I put in the cert and provisioning profile. The compile errors showed problems with the provisioning profile and I'm sure it was probably something I was doing but I ended up just double clicking the xcode file output from and manually entering the provisioning profile and cert in the Apple Developer console. I spent all day messing with the certs, key chains and provisioning profiles. First time to publish on Apple but hopefully the next time will go smoother with my current method.

    Good luck with your game.

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