Can i publish a game to a web site?

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  • Can i publish a game to a web site?

  • You can publish games to html5 portals, or even to your own website, some former flash games website also accept now html5 games (kongregate is an exemple), just keep in mind that if you do not have a personnal or buisness license, you cannot make profit from your games.

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  • woddakota

    You have two quick ways to publish your game to a website:

    Let's say you have a blog site with the following URL:

    1- First method: direct access:

    First, you need to host your game (all the files you exported) somewhere, let's say you hosted it on a directory from your own site called mygame (you zip everything as a *.zip file, upload to your directory of your choice, then unzip there.) Then the address of your game would be

    Now, you could access your game directly from that URL, so that was the first possibility.

    2- Second method: using iFrame:

    The second possibility is using it for example inside of a blog post, or anywhere you could add content to, for that you can paste this piece of code: it's called an iFrame: just replace the URL with your actual one:

    <iframe style="" src="" height="480" width="640"></iframe>

    Try it, works like magic

  • You can publish the game and upload it to a website, yes.

  • You can publish it as you have said woddakota in

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