How do I Publish game in Gamejolt?

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  • Hello everyone.

    I created a simple game and published it into Gamejolt. I know how to upload game. The problem is that in gamejolt, it doesn't load properly... Must refresh over and over again and yet some features don't work properly.. The text font is my major problem. Sometimes it load, sometimes it takes a hell of a time and refresh times... I am exporting the game as html. If I try exporting as windows game, it works with no problem when testing but the font gets weird... more lightned I think.

    Is it just me or someone else having this kind of problem?

  • are you using spritefonts or the normal text?

    a capx will help

  • I am using a font I have downloaded from a site.

    I exported all files needed and did everything that this tutorial points out;

    Tutorials > Intermediate > Tips-and-Tricks > Using Any Fonts In Your Project

    In my computer everything works just fine... If someone else test the game through my dropbox, it might work too but sometimes (too many times actually... ) must refresh page...

    I don't know why this is happening. To set the font, I have choose the system event on layout start (on each layout event sheet... I tried in just one event sheet to set font text to all texts used in game but had trouble to work this way).

    Am I mistaken by events? I will upload capx soon! Trying to solve it cause it might be a stupid mistake.

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  • yea you are using web fonts and this is probably the problem since every time the fonts need to load first from the server.

    its better to use the Spritefont object and create your bitmap font you can use this tool

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