How do I publish a facebook wall post?

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  • Hi there,

    I have a simple question (for which I can't find the anwser and it drives me crazy):

    How to post a message on Facebook wall from inside the wall?

    I just want players can post their scores on their Facebook wall just by clicking somewhere in the game:

    "Click here to share on Facebook => I just scored XXXX on this awesome game"(if possible with a screenshot of the game)

    I am looking for a clear tutorial/explanation step by step on what to do on both Construct (with the regular Facebook object) and Facebook (API2 developpers)

    Because obviously I'm doing something wrong somewhere because when I'm clicking on my "share" link, the windows open and close without posting anything....

    Thanks in advance

  • With new apps, its not so easy I'm afraid. Sharing is relatively easy but using Facebook scores requires permission by Facebook. Not difficult to obtain but definitely an additional step that wasnt there before. If your using share to implement Facebook scoring, then you are doing it wrong. My plugin at

  • Thanks for the quick feedback.

    Yeah I get the feeling that it was a bit complicated but I though it was because of me

    Should I use the "publish score" action instead? But I can't publish any strings, only numbers then?

    And exactly I have to enabled/add on the Facebook developpers website?

    Thanks also for your plugin. To be honest I would prefer no to buy anything (for such a small game) but I might considerate it if it is the only option.

    • Is that working with Facebook API 2.0?
    • Is that simple: you click and that post on the wall (no adds, additional boxes like etc)?

    EDIT: is that working without a HTTPS website or do I have also to upgrate my website?

    Thanks again

  • It will probably be easier to create your own scoring system not using facebook. gives an overview of scoring for facebook you'll need to first grab the user access token(at my website you can download a free version of my plugin, yes the 2.0 api) . You can get the token from there, then you could use the Ajax plugin to publish and read the scores. Before you go live you will need to have facebook review and approve your app for publishing permissions.

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  • Try this tutorial ... button-php , I use it in all my projects and I am verry satisfied.

  • That works beautifully if you only want to share something. I think they are looking to utilize the facebook scoring system though. If you want to share something from your game though this tutorial would be perfect. For example if you want to save your score to MySQL or your browsers local storage and just share the score on the users feed this would be the perfect example.

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