How do I publish on Android/iOS? (I have followed the steps)

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  • I have followed all the steps and I have uploaded it to the Developer Console and It says that both the x86 and ARM version is in Prod. Also it says Published in the top right corner, but When I click the "View in Google Play store" link, or search for it, I can't find it. I've asked a friend as well, and he can't find it. The name is Kitty Flap, and this is apparently the page: ... .kittyflap

    It has soon been 24 hours I think, and I want it to be up today, It is on the Arcade, but yeah, I want it on Android.

    Also I was wondering how to publish my app to the App Store, I have read the articles about it, but I can't seem to understand it fully. Also do I need an Developer Account to publish it for iOS? I have one for Android which I used to publish it there but do I need the Apple Developer to publish an app there? So yeah, if someone could give me some steps to publish it to there I would like to know. I would be glad if someone could provide me with a step to step tutorial, because I couldn't understand the other one. Also my iPhone is almost broken and the screen won't notice my touches sometimes so It is very hard to use it, can for example my brother do the process if he has an iPhone and the CooconJS app? So yeah, that's it.


  • For Android you need android developer account , for Apple you need Apple developer.

  • For app not showing up , can you upload a screen??

  • For app not showing up , can you upload a screen??




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  • I see ,

    so , do you have any alerts?

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