How do I Publish to Android with IAP (anyone's IAP)

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  • Has anyone successfully published to PlayStore using IAP since XDK went away? If so, which site and would you share some insight, or the tutorial you used. I've been trying on cocoon for 2 days. Gonna head back to phonegap and try some more.

    PLEASE, and TY

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  • Holy Bat... Took 2 weeks but finally got IAP loaded via phonegap, and thank god.

    (need C2 IAP plugin installed in app)

    (thanks to jtibbles)

    "Export the project to Cordova.

    Then in the config.xml remove this line:

    <plugin name="com.mcm.plugins.androidinappbilling">

    ...Instead add this:

    <plugin name="cc.fovea.cordova.purchase" spec="~7.1.0">

    <variable name="BILLING_KEY" value="YOURBILLINGKEYHERE" />

    </plugin> don't need to bundle that plugin with your zip file for Phonegap Build as it already uses it.

    The problem seemed to be that Phonegap Build no longer supports the com.mcm.plugins.androidinappbilling plugin."

    Compress the folder and both config files (xml and json)

    Phonegap, UPLOAD

    Put in your key, unlock it, then for a release apps on the top bar and you can build a release on that page.

    Knew this crap would be easy once figured out, but stupidly over complex.

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