How do I pseudo 3d run game

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  • I need tips how start doing that type of game

    Maybe someone already make that game or have simpliest template capx ?

    I will be grateful for any help

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  • In the add-on section of this forum there is a "Outrun" demo, but I dont think it is released yet.

    I have a psudo 3d engine template for one of my older games. If you are interested PM me and maybe we can work something out. l also have a 2.5d runner template.

    There is also Q3D plugin, but it is actually easier to just use Unity or U4E.

  • There have been various threads on pseudo 3D. Here's one:

  • Looks like this game would be pretty easy to make once you've got the sprites..

  • Looks like this game would be pretty easy to make once you've got the sprites..

    Yeah, it only looks complicated. I had my template made in an afternoon after I got the sprites rendered from Blender. Once everything was in the editor, it was easy to visualize what I needed to do.

    My friend was doing an isometric game, and he refereed me to this: ... me-part-1/

    I did the Z order the same way.

  • To do any 3d scaling like that you need to take into account z position.

    when z=1 then the object is at the screen, if z=0 then it's at your eye. Usually you want to destroy/hide the object before reaching the eye.

    Consider this example: ... edo3d.capx

    I just drew up some simple graphics. I placed the road so it disappears at a vanishing point (320,240).

    I then placed the "building" sprites on either side of the road where I'd want them to be if they were at the screen. I then resized them so the edges match the edge of the road.

    Looking at just the right "building" it has a position of (556,426) and a size of (161,105).

    Next is the math part. We want it to move and scale as the z changes.

    Set position to ((556-320)/z+320 ,(426-240)/z+240)

    Set size to (161/z, 105/z)

    In the above equations 320 and 240 is the vanishing point,

    556 and 426 is the object's original position,

    and 161 and 105 is the original size.

    z is how far into the screen you want the object to be.

    Z sorting can be done with something simple like:

    for each sprite ordered by sprite.z ascending

    --- sprite: move to back

    Collision detection can be done by seeing if the z is in range of the other's z:

    sprite: on collision with building

    building: z > sprite.z-0.01

    building: z < sprite.z+0.01

    --- destroy sprite

  • R0J0hound thanks!

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