How do I use ps3 pad with construct 2???

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  • Hello to all

    i have buy a BIGBEN PS3 PAD

    But it's not working with construct 2 i added the gamepad object and added on gamepad 0 dpad down pressed, move object but its not woorkign at all.

    Xpadder recognize my pad.

  • Simple check first - you normally have to press the A button (X on PS3) equivalent to activate the game pad - are you doing this?

  • nope :p

  • how to check first???

  • tested everything, ps3 pad is not working with construct to deal with this problem,?

  • Do you have any other controllers plugged in? That could cause your PS3 controller to be assigned a gamepad index other than 0.

  • nope i have just this one

  • i JUST want when i push the DOWN pad direction my object MOVE TO... so i added the expression "on gamepad 0 dpad down pressed" object move to..... but nothing happens

  • HOW TO tell to my APP joystick is ON and when i PUSH DOWN then its recognized, why its so HARD to do something so basic???

    I found this very very very very very very very annoying.

    something SO basic has to be ready to work directly and not to start telling to the app the hardware is connected, and no need to tell to my app i HAVE a working joystick..........., if a button need to be recognised first for testing etc....

  • MY GOD.........................

    "The Playstation 3 controller does not typically work without installing third party drivers since it is not officially supported. For this reason it is recommended to test with Google Chrome on Windows with an XBox 360 controller, and always support an alternative input method such as Keyboard input."

    OK ps3 joysticks not working?? well in 2015..............hard to believe this....

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  • Sony's latest controllers (PS4) work perfectly well with C2 - please note that before the PS4 it was highly unlikely to use Sony controllers to game on PC, the 360 was well ingrained it was practically industry standard.

  • i have a ps3 PAD NOT ps4 the PAD i have now its a PS3 PAD STREET from BIGBEN interactive.

  • What are the ACTION / EVENTS to add if i want the joystick working on my app????

  • First of all set up an event that uses the Has gamepads condition to check that your controller is recognised - for example make a sprite appear on screen, this will confirm whether or not the gamepad works with the engine.

    Once we have an answer for that we can move on.

  • well, i have done that, and that works, the sprite move to a located position

    But when i press DOWN on the cross pad, nothing happens

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