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  • hi guys...I have a question.... once I made an EXE file for a DEMO... do u think it is "easy" to rip of and steal sprites ? I know NOTHING is really safe...but as ignorant-coder I would like to know:

    1.) how easy can people steal sprites ( after I used mime and made an EXE file)

    2.) Beside the sprites...can they somehow also steal the code ?

    I know...only an fool would steal such evident designs...but fact is...that there are many fools arround

  • It's just about impossible to protect the images. All anyone has to do is play the game, record it, then use a video editor to grab frame by frame images. A little editing and they have every sprite in the game including the animations. Someone with very little skill could do that. If someone were to have more skill they could use other more complicated ripping methods. Think about this, Nintendo and the other big game companies have multi million dollar budgets to put towards protecting their assets, yet you can do a google image search for just about any game ever made and find full game sprite sheets for them.

    The code is a little harder to steal after you minify and make an exe file, however programs like C2 make the coding so easy that with a little time and effort just about anyone can make a clone of a games mechanics. As an example, there were about 10,000 flappy bird clones out the day after it became famous (I'm exaggerating but you get the point). Same with match 3 puzzle games etc... Heck there's an entire genre of games called metroidvania based on clones of metroid and castlevania.

    In my opinion, just do everything you can to make it HARDER for the assets to be stolen (minify, encrypt, make exe) and if you have issues then get a good lawyer.

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  • thanks 4 the answer

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