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  • So first of all I am a .Net developer and I just started looking into game creation.

    I would like to start developing some games for iOS/Android and maybe windows phone.

    I persoanally use an iphone and have no Mac or Xcode.

    I was looking into the two dev platforms Construct 2 and Game Salad. What are the pro and cons ?

    • Can I add iAds to my Construct 2 games (I know you can with Game Salad)?

    I installed the Intel XDK to test a sample game on my iphone. However the tutorial says to click export project to intel sdk but I am missing that option. Is this option only available on the paid version ?

    These are maybe some simple questions for the experienced guys out there but I could really need some startup help.

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  • Read here which one fits you better: ... salad.html

    But I definetely recommend C2! Gamesalad has a poor performance. I heard that some Gamedesigners use it to create mockups, but I didnt hear about any serious programmer using it.

    To export an app to your Iphone you'll definetely need a Mac/Xcode later.

    I don't know for Intel XDK but I recommend you working with cocoonjs. PhoneGap is very slowly and Intel XDK doesn't provide as many option as Cocoonjs (at leastwhen you're working with construct).

  • Thanks for the reply. I am also tending towards Construct as the platform seems to be very intuitive.

    But I was reading a few posts that it seems hard to add iAds to the game with C2 as it is a non coding platform.

    Any word on it?

    It seems though that with the Intel SDK you can actually create an ios package without a mac (I might be wrong but thats what I got out of it so far)

  • I haven't tried GameSalad, so I don't know much about it.

    But I'm very happy with C2 so far. If you're publishing to iOS, try Ludei's CocoonJS cloud compiler.

    From what I understand, they support iAd - But you need a premium account to use the extension (free at the moment), just fill in their form and submit.

  • C2 allows you to write own plugins. Whenever I reach the limits of C2 I just write my own plugin. It's really easy to do that if you know some programming.

  • snoopy123123 Hello there! I am also a .Net developer and currently using C2 for HTML5 games. The export options are part of the paid version and even then you will have to rely on third party wrappers and compiling services usually. This is due to the fact that the export is pure html5. Not a native app. So there has to be some type of wrapper to allow for compatibility on the various devices.

    So far I am loving C2. Outside of that, besides looking at platforms like Gamesalad, Stencyl, Gamemaker Studio, etc... if you want something that allows you to use your native .net skills you should look at Unity as it is free for most of the functionality and exports to all the platforms as well. Also similar and newly opensourced is the Godot engine. However, neither of these allows the simple intuitive workflow that C2 allows for. SO it really depends on what you want to do. If you choose to stick with HTML5 you will also need to be comfortable with living within the limitations that come from using it as a gaming platform.

    Welcome to the community!

  • I have tried GS, its ok but I prefer C2, its easier to work with IMHO.

    GS has a $300 PER YEAR fee.

    C2 is a one time charge.

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