How do I make a propper working retry button?

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    If object gets on collision with another object, gameover = set to "true"

    Want the gameover menu (with text in the future) and retry button to fade in whenever that happens, and that works fine, but when I click on the retry button, it does go to an "refresh" layer and then immediatly back to the game layout, but the gameover menu and retry button keep on screen whatever I try, and my game starts automatically, when normally this only happens when 1 touch has been made. If you know how to help my I would be very excited to hear from you.

    Thanks in advance,

    Niek Biesterbos

  • It's hard to tell what's wrong by just that screenshot, you need to post your capx.

    You should probably add "System Trigger once" condition to events 48 and 49.


    Also, it's quite weird to see string values "true" and "false". Usually you create a numerical variable and set 0 for false, 1 for true.

  • dop2000 just saw your reply, was on a holiday.

    here is the capx:

    deleted everything I made in combination with the "retry" because it didn't work.

    If you build it in please do it under the group "game over menu".

    Thanks in advance! (Ignore the highscore thing in the bottom of the layout, isn't working yet)

  • Niek, we can't open it without source and assets because it is .caproj file.

    Can you save it as single file(.capx) and upload again? Thanks.

  • dop2000 Maverick1912!AjWIESBnPrrmmne5VO3Pq9KQf8WK sorry guys for the late response, hope you can do something with this

  • Here is my update on your file :

    - On collision with same obstacle

    - On Collision with same obstacle

    - the variable "stop" will cover your spawning obstacles.

    Download :

  • Maverick1912 this is great, but now when I click on the retry button it plays the game automatically, and it should be the ball using the sine behaviour just like when you refresh the page and you're on the frontpage, if the retry button is touched it should do the same thing as refreshing the page, and then when the ball does the sine behaviour again and someone clicks again, so touchcount (variable I made) is greater than 0, it should play the game again. Thanks

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  • Sorry, but it not happen with me.

    maybe you got some double touches issue. :)

    Your touchcount variable still equal 0 when I hit and restart.

  • Maverick1912, tried it with the touchpad, and 3 different mouses but it keeps happening to me...

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