How do I get my Properties bar back?

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  • I saw other posts similar to this one but their problem was that they accidentally closed their properties window and wanted to get it back.

    Mine is open somewhere... just off-screen it seems!

    If I tick/untick/tickharder the tick button for the properties window nothing happens... what should I do?

    I'm trying to avoid reinstalling as I've got plenty of plugins installed. Is there a reset workspace button or file?



    EDIT: I am using a triple screen setup with DisplayFusion.. I tried disabling both but that didn't seem to fix it. My sprite editor is showing up on the wrong screen as well.

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  • Apparently the bar was hiding to the left of my leftmost monitor. There was a 1 pixel vertical line that I managed to pull with my mouse cursor and the window stretched until I managed to grab and drag it.

    Seems like a simple solution but it was tricky as hell to spot where the window was at.

    Thanks anyway guys.

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