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  • Hi, I'm having some issues with my current logic for saving and loading.

    So I have an array where I'm storing the names of the save files, this is called SaveFiles

    Then I have a textbox where the user enters the name they want to use for their save file, this name is the pushed into the array.

    Then on the loading screen I am populating a drop-down list of save files from the array. The user selects one and then it will load and bring them to the level select screen.

    Problem is that the array gets populated fine, and the save file name shows up in the drop down list. But it can't load the save.

    What am I doing wrong? Or can do better.

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  • I've made a button instead of using the On Clicked trigger for the list. Still not working. Also exported the project to make sure it wasn't the browser being weird. Has the exact same problem on WIN32 export.

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