How do I properly setup stick grids like an inventory?

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  • Good morning, posting this as a means to hopefully get some guidance.

    The game i'm making (first time) consists of simply, placing plates on a Dishrack and once filled (or almost), the player can push away the dishrack to the left, and repeat the process till time runs out for points.

    Now, while the plates can stick to the dishrack sprite, I wonder if there's a way to make it like an boxed inventory, instead of having plates overlap each other over the dishrack. I figure it would look proper that way. Any guidance would be of great help! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" />

    the .capx file is in the link if anyone wants to take a look to see what I meant on what I hope to achieve.

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  • Your link is broken.

    You can create many image points on your Dishrack sprite where your plates should be. And when you stick plates on it, set plate position to Dishrack image point.

    plate #1 to imagepoint1, plate #2 to imagepoint2 etc.

  • Ooooh cool, okay i'll give that a shot! thanks!

    (also, just updated with a new upload link, it should work now)

  • Checked your game! Yeah, definitely define imagepoints on the Dishrack. When player drops a plate inside the dishrack area, change plate position to one of the imagepoints.

    You can also change plate picture (animation frame) to display it vertically. This will save space and allow to put more plates on the rack

  • it all worked out! (skipped the frame change step, as I couldn't figure out how to keep it all together) thank you!

  • Changing frames is easy - add a second frame to your Plate sprite, you'll have frames #0 and #1.

    Set animation speed to 0 (which means that animation is always stopped).

    Then when you are placing the Plate on the rack and positioning it to imagepoint, set its animation frame to 1.

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