How do I properly setup automatic XBOX Live Sign-In

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  • I'm trying to properly setup an automatic XBOX Live Sign-In procedure via Construct 2.

    The idea is, once the game is launched and the player presses A or Start on his XBOX One controller, it should prompt the user to Sign-In using their XBOX Live Account.

    I'm able to test this on my Windows 10 Development Machine via Visual Studio 2015 Update 3, and when i click on the Button object it signs the user in properly most of the time (80%), other times it signs the player in but doesn't update the relevant text objects string value with the accounts Gamertag. Another thing is that XBOX Live Sign-In is NOT working when i test my game on my XBOX One Dev Console. The Sign-In overlay pops up and quickly disappears. But the main problem is that i keep getting spammed Error Dialog exceptions as shown on the following screenshot:

    Here's how my main menu's event sheet looks like, don't mind all the unnecessary debugging Text objects I placed:

    Thanks for the assistance, and excuse the grammar, I typed this quickly.

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  • Event 8 is certainly a problem. It's not a trigger, so it will run repeatedly (~60 times a second) as you hold down the A button. This spams the Xbox Live service with sign in requests, which is probably why you see errors about throttling.

    Make sure you only use Xbox Live actions in triggers or otherwise one-off events.

  • Thanks for the help. Turns out that was one of the problems, and also i had the following event: XBOX Live -> Is Signed In -> Request Profile Info which was triggered more than once (obviously), so i ended up moving the action from that event and moving it over to the action for "On sign in success" where it should of been in the beginning.

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