How do I properly set stepping iterations?

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  • Does the Set stepping iterations action effect only the object that changes it?, Like the enable/disable collision global setting, or does this effect the entire simulation like the gravity action?

    here is what the manual says:

    "Set stepping iterations

    Set the number of velocity iterations and position iterations used in the physics engine. The default is 8 and 3 respectively. Lower values run faster but are less accurate, and higher values can reduce performance but provide a more realistic simulation."

    It never really specifies if this is on a per-object basis or on the entire simulation.

  • Ok, never mind.

    I spent the entire afternoon testing and found my solution.

    Does anyone run a pay-pal "help desk"? I would have payed up to $10 yesterday for the solution to this.

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  • Well there is IRC where idlers lie.

    And sometime there are solutions proposed to problems issued. room #construct

  • Hey cool, I love lying with idlers in IRC :)

    Thanks very much Kyatric!

    Looking forward to maybe meeting some people in the community, and trying to help out newbies too. I idle in 12 dev channels

  • jojoe

    I wondered the same thing. What's the solution?

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