How do I properly set CSS styles for a Slider Bar

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  • Hello,

    I have been trying to tweak around with the slider bar control to find the magic recipe to get the CSS to actually update on the page. I've read various topics suggesting different techniques with C2 to 'hack' in some styles but in the end I see the styles applied when inspecting but somehow in the calculations at reflow the styles are wiped and I get the default Slider Bar again. Its a real 'bummer' because this is a nice fast control to build in throttles without messing with Sprites. I'm sorry I dont have screen captures or demo pages to help show the issue, but my steps were pretty default:

    HEAD : "on Start of Layout" event

    ->Slider Bar Set Css Style

    ->->"background-color" : "rgb(150,150,150)"

    I've tried setting IDs and loading css files and such but everytime I see the styles applied in the inspector for the element but in the reflow/recalc the computed values somehow have the styles back to default.


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