How do I properly scale a platform level

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  • Hi guys! I'm not an expereinced in scaling, my question is how to properly design a level in a platform game.

    In my case I make a game for Iphone. If I make layout size wider, there is a white place which is not covered by my font images. I can solve this problem by increasing layout scale, but it makes game ugly.

    What I am actually need in gameplay is to fall in the dungeon, but my scene is limited, there is no place for dungeon because if I make level larger there will be place which is not covered(and also font images are tiled). How can I focus the camera in a part of level so that other part will exist but not showing?

    What I actually mean is that construct 2 in width don't show the whole path playing the game, but in height it is always shown

  • IMHO, I'm not pretty sure but Give it a try. Click on the player's sprite and add "Scroll to"" behavior, now the screen will follow the player everywhere.

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  • or you can use

    set player position >



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