How do I properly go back to main menu in my game?

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  • Hello, I'm having trouble developing a "go back to main menu" button in my game. When I click it during game, various sprites of the main menu do not animate(but they animate when I start at main menu). Thenn, when I go to the level selection screen from this main menu, the sprites' of the level selection also do not animate(but they did, when I first saw this layout). please help, something is wrong with my sprites' animations after I go back to main menu from game(which I just use "go to layout MainMenu, by the way"). Do I need to do something more?

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  • never mind people. The solution was simple: when I paused the game, the time flow was set to 0. when the user wished to go to the main menu, this timeline should also return to normal. that's why nothing was being animated. my mistake.

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