How do I properly apply different physics to animations

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  • Hi there!, my name is Juan but you can call me m00gg as my nick suggests.

    I'm trying to do a soccer platformer game where the player has to do 'juggling' (hit the ball with the legs/foots and the ball can't touch the ground) which is a very simple mecanic. The main problem is that i'm working with an artist and she gives me the character spritesheets with the animations, I need that every animation has different physics (when the player elevates his leg to hit the ball, etc). I tried using different polygon shapes first, this gives me an Assertion Failure of polygon and also doesn't work pretty well, maybe i'm missing some point but I hope anyone knows a good way to achieve this gameplays mechanics.


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  • Perhaps you need dummy objects for the collisions. Don't use the Player sprite to detect collisions, instead attach or spawn ivisible objects on the important points (head, legs, feet) and at the right time.

  • Hey eli0s!, first: thanks for replying!. I tried to PM you but Construct forum say that I should have 500 rep. points to do so... can you pm me with an email or skype to talk this more extensively? I fully understand you but I may need some help, I don't know if you can help me.


  • I pm you but I think that keeping the topic open will most likely prove more useful, since more members, probably well more experienced than me, will have the chance to help you.

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