How to do I make proper Wall Jumping(and AfterImages)

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  • Hello Everyone! I'm new to these forums and I wanted to ask for some help! I'm currently starting to learn Construct 2 and I am learning how to create gimmicks and different things of that sort. I'll just get straight to the point and say that I'm currently trying to make Wall Jumping physics. Please tell/show me how I could make wall jumping physics, and if you could please EXPLAIN how you did it so that I could learn instead of just copy and paste. Thank you in advance!

    Also if anyone could tell me how I could make AfterImages which follow my character that would be amazing! As I have no idea where to start and what to do with that type of concept!

    P.S: If you don't know what AfterImages are, they are just faded pictures pictures which follow your character, here are a few examples:

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  • For wall jumping, there is already a wealth of information on the site. For example, if you go to the tutorials page and search for the term "wall jump" you will get a list of tutorials that mention wall jumping. Here is one good example: ... ll-jumping

    As for the after image, you simply need to spawn a sprite object with the same animation as the one you want to show the after image for. This second version of the sprite should have a fade behavior and get destroyed on fade complete. See my attached example for a way to do this. Simply run the project and use the direction keys to move around. If you hold down the space bar, the player will leave a trail behind itself. You can also mess with a few settings like the speed the after image fades, the length of time between each spawn, etc...

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