How do I do a proper tileset??????

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  • hey there so i'm pretty new and am really hoping to get good with the program to eventually make some good games but i have been having some i have been trying to make a platform game from tutorials but they seem pretty outdated as they say about the jungle tileset and such but when i downloaded the free bundle it wasn't in there? i'm just trying to get started and get good with the program. so i went online to look for some tilesets and i keep every time i try and separate them from a strip like they say it cuts stuff in half and i'm trying to get this to work... any suggestions on what to do? i really want to start to get good with the program... any help would be great.

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  • Not really sure what you're struggling with here. Are you trying to create your own tileable textures, or are you looking for the mentioned jungle tileset?

    If you're looking for the jungle tileset, I think you can download this for free once you've purchased a license for Construct 2.

    If you're trying to create your own tile-able tileset, just google: "tileable texture tutorial" and pick one you understand/like.

    This is a good one to start with:

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  • Unfortunately, Ashley's tutorial uses graphics that are only available to users with a license, which I always did think was a useless introduction to the program - causes new users to get frustrated instantly as they haven't got the necessary graphics to continue (@Ashley why?).

    You can always do the other very good platform tutorial - - which provides everything you need to complete the tutorial.

  • thanks guys sorry ive gotten much better with construct 2! still a few things i need help with..

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