How do I make a proper snake tail

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  • I am trying to make a proper snake tail that doesn't get all freaked out when it moves.

    Imagine is a simple circle for each "body" part, I want it to move and rotate like a real snake. I've tried pinning, and doing using image points and moving to position but it never looks right.

    I don't want to use a smoke trail type effect where the end piece dies off and you spawn a new one.

  • have you tried using physics revolute joints?

  • I was hoping to do it without physics given the fact the game has the character moving all over the screen. Should I just turn off inertia and world gravity?

  • revolute joints tend to act funny, i was trying to make an example but found that the snake body pieces would turn and get the whole snake to turn with it, thus creating a vortex of spinning snake.

    my other thought was a system to simulate the "snake" game. set the controls to only be able to turn 90 degrees at a time and every time it turns create a waypoint for the body pieces to follow, would that work?

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  • So I found that if you use the Pin with Rope style, and position the tail pieces right, you get a really good tail effect. Basically revolts without the physics

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