How do I make a proper rotating platform?

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  • I've been having an issue with a very basic mechanic I'm trying to implement in my game.

    It's a platform that rotates 180 degrees every X seconds. On one side, there are spikes (red side) and on the other, the player can land, no problem.

    It works just fine sometimes, for some moments and eventually, this happens :

    Often, it gets to this point or worse

    However, what I want is for my platform to rotate and stay perfectly horizontal each time it does. Anyone has a better way to do this... or just a way that works? As silly as this may sound, I just can't get it to work without issues.

    These are my events :

    I've tried different variants of this and the problem remains.

  • Probably non-consistent frame rate. Here's one that works

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  • Cow, you da real mvp. Thanks man!

  • Alvarop and I were discussing a problem with my previous attempt at this which broke if there were multiple platforms starting at 0 or 180 degrees.

    The On created, set angle to 180 is required due to something weird in C2 that was creating the platforms at 180.00000500895632 degrees (will be reporting to bugs section.

  • Yes, that is the true solution to this problem. Please disregard my first comment. Well, not really, Cow is still da true mvp.

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