Proper resolution size for a PC game?

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  • I'm looking at doing pixel art for the game, but I do not want it to look pixelated (aka no 3x or 4x scale)

    -- for a game that I am hoping to one day release on chrome web store/clay/ouya etc -- what would be the right resolution to make the game in?

    I am planning on using letterbox resizing for anything above my minimum, but should I be going as low as 640 x 480? What are you guys doing?

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  • Check out the other free web store games, and see if there is any restrictions on them.

    For safe desktop resolutions, 640x480 not supported by some modern cards.

    I would include:

    4:3 aspect ratio for old computers and monitors:

    640x480 some modern cards emulate this full screen, so it is not really optimal for gaming.


    1024x768 For some HDTV's this will have a faster refresh rate for computer and video games. they range from 62hz all the way up to 85hz.

    If you want to go widescreen add the additional:


    1280x720 This is also kown as 720p for cheap HDTV's, iirc this is all nintendo Wii displays in.

    1920x1080 This is 1080p. Most modern HDTV's will display this.

    I am not really sure what is safe for Europe or asia. I think they have a 1366x1024 which is quite common.

  • jojoe I think you are wrong because HTML5 games have no real video resolution as you change 1024 x 768 to 1920 x 1080 in resolution settings from OS or native games.

    HTML5 game is very different than native game.

  • html5 games have a width and height. ergo resolution.

    I think I am going with 8x6 letterbox scaled

  • Joannesalfa,Thanks, for some reason I thought he was talking about node-webkit.

    Common aspect ratios are 4:3, 16:9, and 16:10. <==maybe useful?

  • 640x480 is pretty high for a pixel art game. If you plan to go that high wouldn't it be better to just use regular 2D painting techniques?

    Here's an interesting article on pixel art if you haven't read it:

    And an exerpt:

    nfortunately, a facet of this problem extends even to well-planned, well-intentioned projects. It's a quadratic problem; that is, doubling the resolution of your project actually quadruples the size of the art assets. After all, you can fit four 64x64 images into a 128x128 image. In many 2D mediums that just means using a bigger brush, no big deal, but in pixel art the ramifications are pretty serious. When you are painting your lines and details and anti-aliasing pixel by precious pixel you have 4 times as many elements to manipulate with tender, obsessive care.

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