How do I do proper jump sustain with platform?

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  • Alright so, high and low jumps, yeah?

    We need to figure out how to make our player jump 5 tiles high maximum with a held jump, while actually getting to the peak somewhat quickly. The minimum (just a tap) should at the same time be about half a tile high.

    With our current system, we were able to accomplish 5 tiles max and 0.5 tiles minimum, but a maximum jump makes it look like the player is levitating up rather than jumping, as it is rather slow.

    Our player is 32 pixels tall, and a tile is 16 pixels tall. This means that 5 tiles is 80 pixels tall, and half a tile is 8 pixels tall.

    Think Mario and Sonic, those lads can jump high and low with ease and not much jank.

    Does anybody know how we can accomplish our goal properly?

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  • Alright, we ended up figuring it out. I can't explain how, I just know we set the platform gravity to 1,430, the jump strength to 250, and the jump sustain to 250 and it worked.

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