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  • Hi!

    I want to import some sound effect to my very first game but when i try i got an error.

    "Converted to AAC, but failed to convert to OGG." Why?

  • In this case the most appropriate solution is before importing the adio AAC, AAC convert this to OGG audio format, you must use another external program, I routinely use the Nero Wave Editor to do this kind of conversion, or Audacity. You can use another program since at the time of import into Construct 2 is already imported in OGG format.

  • I always try to use WAV sound format, it never gave me any problems.

    I recently had an issue, though, while trying to import sounds with construct because of my antivirus. I related the problem here:

    Good luck!

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  • Thank you! First i converted to OGG with audacity and it's working now

    Another question. Can i make a pitch for the sound? (like in unity so if a sound plays a lot then it won't get that anoying)

  • I'm sorry, I could not quite understand the translation what you want to do, you can be clearer? so I can see if I can help you.

  • Soo i want that the game would change the sound everytime. I mean once it's deeper a little bit and once it's higher a little bit. So if a sound used a lot of times (Like shot sound) then it won't be so boring and anoying.

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