How many projects can I work on at the same time?

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  • Hello!

    Is it ok to have 2 C2 projects open at the same time? Example: 1- an example game & 2- my prototype game, in order to learn how stuff work.

    Until now I'm taking screenshots (events, object properties etc)then I close the example project, so that I have only one single project open at a time, but taking screenshots/image editing etc takes time. Any recommendations?

    I also noticed C2 can be opened twice: having C2 open, I could click the software shortcut and it opens another C2 in a separate window, is this ok? Is it possible to work safely/safer with 2 opened C2's?

    As you can see these are total beginner questions, but I found no answer anywhere on the forum or in the manual, thanks in advance for your help :)

  • You can open as many projects as you want in C2. But to be frank, to avoid confusion, you should open only just 1-2 projects at a time.

    About opening many instances of C2 simultaneously, lets wait for the creators to answer this.

  • I've been able to open many instances of C2 at the same time, but I only do that to copy and paste functions from other projects when i cba to do it manually :P

    I think it just has the effect of taking more RAM. I would personally use separate windows because two or more projects in the same window would clutter the tab bar.

  • Thanks Keroberos and marlon667, I am imagining that a possible problem that could happen is if I save in my prototype project many times, and the other data in RAM from the second project would affect the prototype, as in possible crash in further steps etc, but I'm just supposing. For example another soft I use is Headway which is a framework for building websites on Wordpress, works right in the browser, and opening more than one instance (in two separate projects) can create bugs and problems. Thanks again for any other response!

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    KFII windows 7 and having two seperate running instances of Construct 2 rather than two projects open in one instance.

    Works fine, not slow and I'm on an i3 laptop with 4GB ram

  • I often keep the main project in my main screen and secondary project in my another screen and it works just fine. So don't worry :)

  • Thanks Sulli and ! I'll continue observing how working on a project while having others open may affect possible bugs further in development or not.

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