How do I get my project to open on OSX64 ?

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  • Hey all

    I've tried exporting a project (with Node Webkit) for some friends using Apple systems, gave them the OSX64 folder I got after exporting, but... the game doesn't even open. They get a warning box saying "Impossible to open the application".

    Here is a picture :

    Is it due to what I can read on the "Exporting desktop apps with NW.js" manual page ?

    [quote:htkzw1xx]Publishing on OS X and Linux

    The most common problem with publishing to OS X and Linux is the execute permission for the executable files. File permissions work slightly differently on Windows, and it generally recognises any file ending in .exe as something that can be run. On OS X and Linux, executable files have no special file extension, instead requiring an "executable" file permission to be set. Windows is not usually aware of this, so if you copy files from Windows to an OS X or Linux system, the files may not have execute permission and therefore fail to run.

    Src :

    If so, how do I get around this without owning any Apple system myself ?

    Also, while I'm at it : are there good coding / gamebuilding practices when it comes to games for non Windows OS (IOS and Linux included) or should I just code as usual ?

    Thanks a looot for your help !

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  • Up ^^

  • You'll need to have a separate OSX machine with C2 to export them properly to OSX builds. You can't run OSX in virtual machine either, as virtual machines do fucky things with the OS.

  • Hey, thanks for your answer

    Ok, if I must resort to this, I'll try to export directly from someone else's computer then :/

    Do I have other things related to OSX games that I should be careful with while we're on the subject, or should everything be fine as long as I export from an OSX machine ?

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