My project lags while previewing on phone

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  • I have exported my project to Intel XDK and previewed it on my phone using Intel App Preview, but the project's performance is poor, I've also previewed it on my phone's browser, but it's the same there aswell.

    I have no endless loops or stuff like that, the performance is good when previewing in browser on my laptop, but that's not the case for my phone.

    What may cause this?

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  • Memory.

    My first project was successfully exported. Got it to work all the way to the main menu but as soon as I click 'New Game' it won't even play at all. the whole thing crashed.

    Check this out: ... our-memory

  • I'm not really sure that's the problem since my images are all made in construct 2 (I am just testing the game), and I paid attention on the number of objects....

  • Without seeing your project, it is impossible to diagnose.

    Memory issues are first suspect, physics/collisions second, and too many pixels to fill on a draw call third (lots of layered/invisible sprites).

  • It lags on every other phone except for Xperia which has a WebGL and the game there runs with no difficulties. I've seen that many people suffer from this problem. So, what should I have to do to make no difference in playing from Xperia and other phones.

    I have followed the tutorial in the link MPPlantOfficial gave me, but my project still lags.. I've removed 75% of the objects on screen just to test it out, and there was no change in the performance (so, something else is the source of the problem), it still runs by 1 frame per sec.... 0_0

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