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  • Whenever i try to open up my projct i get this error

    Failed to open project

    C:"Destination Folder"

    Cannot find object texture file "Tile3.png" in the project folder.

    Check the file has not been renamed or removed.

    Under element: c2prokect\object-folder\object-typ Line 69, column 9

    The file may be invalid. Try checking the file in a text editor (project are saved in XML format)

    Here is the capx file

    And i can't find where the file is either.

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  • A CAPX is just a ZIP file, so make a copy, change the name to and open it up. Copy everything out to somewhere else. Now you can navigate to the Textures folder and you'll see that Tile3.png is missing. If you can figure out which image that is, put it there with the name Tile3.png, or just put anything there for the moment with that name. Open up the "New Project.caproj" file and tidy up your Tile3 object.

  • Tile3.png is missing.

    Extract your .capx - using winzip or 7zip or whatever you use for zip files - to a folder. Look in the Textures foloder and you will see that Tile3.png is missing. For now, just copy and paste any of the png files and rename as Tile3.png. Launch program by double clicking on the 'New project.caproj' in the root of this folder, or re-zip and rename as .capx.

    ninj'd by blackhornet :/

  • Thanks for the help :D

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